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๐ŸŽฏ Engage in a 30-minute coffee conversation tailored to your needs. 

This session offers an open platform for various topics. Whether you wish to explore your applying for jobs, educational journey, HR professional, career ambitions, or even the prospect of relocating to Chiang Mai, Thailand — drawing from my experience of moving to Thailand in 2021.

แ€€ိုแ€š့်แ€›ဲ့ Career แ€กแ€ွแ€€် แ€กแ€œုแ€•်แ€กแ€€ိုแ€„် แ€กแ€ွแ€„့်แ€กแ€œแ€™်း แ€กแ€ွแ€€် แ€˜ဲแ€–ြแ€…်แ€–ြแ€…်၊ แ€แ€”်แ€‘แ€™်းแ€›ေးแ€›ာ แ€”ဲ့ แ€žแ€€်แ€†ိုแ€„်แ€ဲ့ แ€กแ€€ြောแ€„်းแ€กแ€›ာ แ€ွေแ€€ို แ€†ွေးแ€”ွေးแ€ျแ€„်แ€ာแ€˜ဲแ€–ြแ€…်แ€–ြแ€…်၊ แ€™ိแ€žားแ€…ုแ€œိုแ€€် แ€‘ိုแ€„်းแ€€ို แ€•ြောแ€„်းแ€œာแ€–ို့ แ€…ီแ€…แ€‰် แ€ာแ€˜ဲแ€–ြแ€…်แ€–ြแ€…်၊ แ€€แ€œေးแ€€ျောแ€„်းแ€”ဲ့แ€•แ€်แ€žแ€်แ€ဲ့ แ€กแ€€ြောแ€„်းแ€ွေแ€˜ဲแ€–ြแ€…်แ€–ြแ€…် แ€ိုแ€„်แ€•แ€„်แ€–ို့แ€กแ€ွแ€€် แ€กแ€ုแ€˜ဲ แ€…แ€›แ€„်းแ€žွแ€„်းแ€œိုแ€€်แ€•ါ။

I'm here to guide you. I can provide insights into preparation strategies, navigating life in Chiang Mai, and effective work management techniques. For those living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we can arrange a face-to-face coffee meetup.  Anticipate gaining clarity, fresh perspectives, and practical solutions from our interaction. 

Sometimes, grappling with these matters solo can be challenging, which is why I'm excited to assist you.

30 minute Coffee Conversation

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